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PG6 Precision piston gauge

- Pressure range 5~160kPa
- Pressure accuracy ±0.005%FS
- Stability 0.001%FS
- Automated weight handling with high accuracy and efficiency
- Support multiple communication modes




Precision piston gauge


PG6 is a fully automated air reference-class piston gauge, which can be used as the highest accuracy pressure value transfer for the verification or calibration of precision pressure gauges. It adopts brand-new automated weighting and intelligent control technology, which can output the pressure by automatically loading of weights, greatly reducing the tedious operation related to manually changing weights, and effectively avoiding measurement errors and efficiency drops caused by human factors. PG6 is suitable for various national metrology institutions or high-level pressure measurement laboratories.


- Pressure range 5~160kPa
- Pressure accuracy ±0.005%FS
- Stability 0.001%FS
- Automated weight handling with high accuracy and efficiency
- Support multiple communication modes







Functions and Features






                                                                            - Pressure range 5~160kPa

- Pressure accuracy0.005%FS

- Stability 0.001%FS







- Fully automated mass handling, eliminating thewear caused by manual operation, andimproving its stability

- Using customized tray to add mass directly toreduce the center of gravity and error          






                             -  ComplywithJG 1086-2013 VerificationRegulation of Pneumatic Piston Gauge







- Super large 9-inch TFT LCD Display

- Capacitive touch screen operation

- Humanized Uldesign, easy operation                                                                      






   - Precision mechanisms components

- Selection of mass by coding








- It can set the pressure value and calculation parametersto achieve automatic calibration.
- The interface of the controller synchronously displaysthe process of adding mass, temperature,rotating speedand other parameters forobservation of piston state.




Power supply


                                                                      100-240 VAC universalinput








- Support RS232,RS485, LAN, USB and opticalfiber communication interface                                          








工作环境: -10~40℃,10%~95%RH(不结露)
存储环境: -20~70℃,10%~95%RH(不结露)
干燥剂: 75g
供电要求: 100~240VAC 1.3A,50/60Hz/24VDC
安规认证: CE、FCC、VCCI、C-TICK     



Operating humidity: 10%~95%RH(no condensation)             
Operating temperature: -10~40℃
Operating pressure: 100~1100hPa
Warm-up time: <5min
Certificate: CE、FCC、VCCI、C-TICK                                               




温度测量范围温度测量范围工作环境测量数据测量参数测量参数测量参数General specification   -60℃~160℃-22℃~155℃ 0℃~35℃, 0 %~90 %RH(无结露),海拔<2000m
Measuring range
Piston material
Operating medium
Touch screen
Pressure interface
Power supply
Operating temperature测量范围

Measuring range

Accuracy    ±0.005%FS
Piston material   Tungsten carbide
Operating medium   Clean and dry air (or nitrogen)
Display   9-inch, 1024x600 TFT LCD
Touch screen   Capacitive
Backlight   LED backlight, adjustable
Interface   RS232, RS485, LAN, USB, optical fiber (optional)
Pressure interface   Φ4 push-in connector
Power supply   100~240VAC 1.3A,50/60Hz
Operating temperature   10°C~40°C
Operating humidity   10%RH~95%RH(no condensation)
Operating pressure   100hPa~1100hPa
Storage temperature   -20°C~70°C
Warm-up time   <5min
Logging interval   1s ~ 24 h
Logging time   Depend on built-in memory capacity
EMC   EN 50081-1 ClassB EN 50082-1 ClassB
ESD protection   ±25KV
Dimensions   441mm×455mm×565mm
Weight   46kg
Certificate   CE,FCC,VCCI,C-TICK


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