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       In 2006, Zoglab and Zhejiang Provincial Atmospheric Observation Technology Support Center jointly developed a meteorological instrument verification business platform, and established a software research and development base and a joint laboratory.

       Starting from this, zoglab gradually formed a systematic cooperation base for scientific research projects. Scientific research units and universities such as the China Meteorological Administration, the National Meteorological Measurement Station,

Company Structure Company Organization
Director Li Liangxu of the Meteorological Observation Center from China Meteorological Administration and his entourage visited ZOGLAB and conducted field research to guide ZOGLAB's work
ZOGLAB headquarters settled in Zhigu China(Hangzhou Fuchun Park)
ZOGLAB participated in the drafting of GB / T 35145-2017 cold chain temperature recorder to be implemented from July 1
Zog participated in the compilation of the Chinese Encyclopedia of Meteorology, Hydrology and Oceanography
The handheld weather station HWS3000 was awarded the 2018 Excellent Product Award by the China Meteorological Service Association
DSR temperature and humidity recorder followed the domestic large aircraft C919 to the sky
Yu Xinwen, deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration and several leaders of the provincial and municipal bureaus observed the drone test flight of our company at the Mantou Observatory in Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau
Zoge joined the meteorological station HWS3000 to join the Xiamen BRICS emergency mobile meteorological detection support, and the handheld meteorological station HWS3000 participated in the sixth successful preparation of the "Summer Davos Forum" support
Zoge won the 2017 Excellent Member Unit of China Meteorological Service Association
Hand-held weather station HWS3000 provides guarantee for Hangzhou G20 summit
Officially registered "ZOGLAB" trademark
The upgrade of the meteorological measurement verification business system 3MS undertaken by ZOGLAB won the second prize of Zhejiang Meteorological Science and Technology Work and the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology
Moved to Block A, Kunlun Science and Technology Park, No. 61 Baijiayuan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China
Hong Kong Branch Established
Established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hangzhou——ZOGLAB Microsystem Co.,Ltd
Established ZOGLAB Microsystem Inc. in cooperation with Canadian instrument company
Founded in Hangzhou, mainly producing and selling cross-industry electronic products