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Strive for Excellence Take meteorological measurement as an opportunity to serve the domestic and international market
Development History
   Ideal and Future   
       In 2006, ZOGLAB and Zhejiang Provincial Atmospheric Observation Technology Support Center jointly developed a meteorological instrument verification business platform, and established a software research and development base and a joint laboratory. Through the establishment of a scientific research base, the transformation of project results was rapidly promoted, and China's first set of automatic meteorological multi-factor verification system was successfully developed. The system was subsequently adopted by the China Meteorological Administration and extended to the provincial meteorological bureaus throughout the country.
Office Environment Work environment
Starting from this, ZOGLAB gradually formed a systematic cooperation base for scientific research projects. Scientific research units and universities such as the China Meteorological Administration, the National Meteorological Measurement Station, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and Zorge have established scientific research cooperation bases. With the help of Zorg's research and development and engineering capabilities, they have promoted the application of cutting-edge technologies Good scientific research results.
Scientific Management
   Scientific management   
The company implements flat management, so that each employee has the opportunity to show their talents and abilities. At the same time uphold the rigorous work style, pay attention to details, and strive for excellence, in order to create more classics.
Promotion Training
   Promotion and Training   
       The company regularly conducts internal training to guide and promote the personal improvement of employees. At the same time, an internal promotion mechanism is launched, and outstanding employees can be promoted to project leaders or managers after being assessed.
New Customization
PRM Training Session
Calibriation Products Training Session
Employee Activity
   Employee activities   
The company organizes all employees to travel every year, distribute holiday benefits on holidays, and organize celebrations such as Christmas and Spring Festival. Afternoon tea every week!
Women's Day Special day, blessings of flowers and love are dedicated to all the goddesses!
Homeparty Activity Christmas and New Year ’s Day, ZOGLAB New Year ’s homeparty share a good time
Afternoon Tea Nice Afternoon Tea Every Friday
Get Together and Celebrate Chinese New Year ZOGLAB will welcome the next year with a fuller attitude.
Service Process
   Charitable activities   
       ZOGLAB always values "concern the public and give back to the society", actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and supporting social welfare undertakings. The company has an independent public welfare fund for the construction of Red Cross books, donations to poor students, etc., and our company provides free security services for the 2017 Sichuan earthquake with a weather station.
Welcome everyone to join ZOGLAB's affectionate family!